Miami is situated in Florida in The United States of America. It is a thriving city with a large population of different cultures. It has many Latin influences and its food and languages vary a lot. You can find a large variety of ethnicity and languages in Miami. Miami is also a leader in fiancé, culture, media, entertainment and arts.

You will find many top-class restaurants and clubs in Miami. They offer food and dishes from many of the cultures of the people who live there. The city never really sleeps as its nightlife is very vibrant and active. Most visitors want to experience the clubs at night. It is also a great place to do some celebrity stalking as many famous people visit Miami Beach daily.

Miami has a tropical monsoon climate that is characterized by high temperatures and humidity. Winter is the dry season. Because of its location, Miami has a hurricane season that stretches from 1 June to 3 November with the highest likelihood during August and September.

Miami is also the host to 1920s to 1940s architecture and museums and antiques dating even further back. Miami is well-known for its art deco buildings and has a few museums that are a must to visit. Miami is very rich in history, culture, and beauty.