Miami Cuisine: 5 Signature Foods You Have to Try When Visiting Miami to Experience the Different Cultural Dishes They Offer

Miami is heavily influenced by Latin cultures and flavors. This means that you will find some unique food dishes that you may never have heard of. We compiled the top 5 dishes you have to try when visiting Miami. We hope you try it and love it like we do.

1. Peruvian Ceviche. You will find this dish at one of the Peruvian restaurants that have become quite popular in Miami. They offer a classic ceviche which is a signature dish. If you don’t like ceviche, at least try some other seafood dish as they are delicious and fresh in Miami.

2. Cuban Cafecito. This is perfect after a night in the clubs and experiencing the Miami nightlife scene. You will need some sunglasses and a Cafecito or Cuban espresso. It will get the kick back in you and get you ready for the new day’s adventures.

3. Colombian Perro. If you like fast food or need some more help with that hangover, you want to find a perro. This is basically a hot dog, but so much better. This hot dog is made of a fried beef hot dog that is smothered in bacon and mozzarella. Then you add crushed potato chips, pineapple sauce, garlic sauce, and a sauce mixture of mayonnaise and tomato sauce. It is to die for. Best make your order ahead of time as you might need to wait.

4. Cuban Ham Croquetas. A croquette is a small sort of bread that is rolled and fried to become a cylinder shape. You get different types of croquettes that usually include ham, cheese, or chicken. You might find some with salami if you look for it. They are not very expensive.

5. Nicaraguan Gallo Pinto. Original gallo pinto consists of beans and rice. The Nicaraguan version, however, has some surprises that will make your mouth water. If you have not tried Nica food before, start with their gallo pinto.

These dishes are easy to find in Miami and if you are unsure, just ask someone. You will fall in love with this mix of different dishes.